Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rowan #1

Coming spring I will probably plant it into a much more shallow container.


Thomas Urban said...

Hello Mr. Pall,

Beautiful work. Regarding the dead hollowed portion, I understand that you let all deciduous species rot so they get a nice natural color. Do you get to a certain point where you are satisfied with the depth of the rot and then apply some sort of wood-hardener? Or do you just leave them alone completely?

Lime sulfur would look terrible on broad-leaf trees I think.



Walter Pall said...

Thomas, indeed I do nothing. I let it just rot and once a year with a strong steel brush I take off the soft parts. I could fix it with wood hardener for a few years, but I don't. Hollow trees will NOT die becasue of the hollow, contrary to a widespread public belief.

Magda said...

This tree looks like an tree from a fairy story. Great work!