Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ficus #1

This ficus was for sale for a long while. The longer I have it the more I think I should really keep it. In Erurpe this is a ficus of high quality and I think I should have one of them. It was mainly for sale because of overwintering problems. Since I just placed it into my pot room which is unheated and qutite cold but has no frost it is doing very well. It does not loose foliage in winter and even grows in winter storage. While it is still on my 'available' list the price is going up rapidly.


Anonymous said...

walter, what does it mean when you say: 'pot from china and wp'? did you alter it or something? thanks!

Walter Pall said...

It means that I did not like the pot as it was and painted it to look better. I do this so the paint looks like good glazing and will stay permanently. If some paint should ever get off I just paint over it. It is like painting an old garage door. I do this while the tree is sitting in the pot. I use good acrylic paint for outdoors.

Walter Pall said...

The average temperature from November to end of March is around 6 to 10 Celsius, which is a bit over freezing, but never really freezing.