Saturday, December 21, 2013

oriental hornbeam #39

Oriental hornbeam, Carpinus orientalis, 40 cm, this new acquisition looks quite promising to me.



Anonymous said...

How much of the thick branches, especially the extremely low ones, do you plan to cut off?

Walter Pall said...

None, of course, The selection is done. I will only cut should one of the branches die. This is the basic design. Forget all bonsai design. This is not supposed to become another stereotype plastic bonsai, it is a spooky tree in the fairy tale style.

Anonymous said...

There are some branches so low down on the trunk that they're practically growing from out of the roots directly (at least one actually does). Which makes this specimen a bush/shrub, not a tree. Some people might like that, you of course being one of them. I'm not one of those people.

Walter Pall said...

It is not a good idea to blame a cat for not being like a dog. This is a tree and not a bonsai.

It is not a good idea to blame an orchid to not be like a rose.

It is OK to prefer dogs over cats and roses over orchids though. But who cares?

It will be strange to many that I use 'bonsai' as a derogative term sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not blaming the tree for being what it is. That would be foolish. As a matter of fact, I'm not even blaming you (who made it what it is). I'm not blaming myself neither, for not liking it. I just don't think it makes a good image/sculpture, be it naturalistic or otherwise.