Friday, June 14, 2013

Walter and Rene work on a spruce

Walter and Rene brought a very old collected European spruce, Picea abies, to the next level. The result will disappoint many, but this is professional work. The tree will rest for a year and then many of the branches will go and certainly be shortened. All the smaller branches can then be wired. Only then the spruce wil look good. To do this all at onec as many would is not a good idea with old collected spruces. One has to live with the fact that they look very bad during development.

 This tree is avialable for sale or trade.


Prakti said...

Thats the most problem with bonsai. Got a good tree and after the first treatment it is to wait... with all this imaginations in mind of how that tree will look like... only one solution: even more and more trees to bring this year around... damn bonsai buisness ;-)

Chris G. said...

What a cool tree Walter! I so wish I could lay my hands on this one. Darn US restrictions!

Looking forward to it's progress.