Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Possible improvements

The big knobs on the left and right side cold possibly be cut off or carved away in spring of 2013. A big problem will be to hide the wounds on an otherwise immaculate tree without any scar. The long branch on the left side can be shortened right away. Then I could  move the tree a bit to the left in the pot. This can be done easily next spring.


Adam said...

I think the root spread looks great as it is. The tree seems to lose a bit of character in the edited pics.

Xavier de Lapeyre said...

:) Those changes are so minute that it took me several minutes of crosschecking up and down before i managed to see them.

You should have added a little description below each image to help out. Like:
Pic 1. Current state of the tree.
Pic 2. Long left branch reduced, roots reduced.
Pic 3. Re-positioning the tree a bit to the left in the pot.

Walter Pall said...


that's to train your eye. A good professional sees this in a fraction of a second.
Peter Adams: "The difference between good and world class is millimeters"

And I might not even do it. The tree would be tamed even more and loose some of the wild character.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the current image of the tree with the roots and branches just as they are. To me, the tree remains more natural and pleasing, without decreasing the quality at all. Surely this is my favorite maple. Well done.

Dave Kirkland said...

For me, each changes adds to the beauty and impact of the 3rd image

Stephen Krall said...

Well, if I had a vote on root knee's, I would vote to leave them. I think it is beautifully natural just the way it is!


Xavier de Lapeyre said...

I'm not sure if that's the real issue here, but I think I'm starting to understand the root reducing "issue".
I've been looking at several trees in nature and the surface roots are often present but also inconspicuous. The roots [left and right] in the first picture are too pronounced and seems to be jolting out too much in respect to the overall tree's aspect.
The proposed future roots looks more balanced and more stable somehow.

Walter Pall said...


that's the issue. Correct.

David Santamaria said...

I am also up for the restyling, not only the roots are too prominent, their position on each side of the tree gives the impression of a flat appearance to the tree, at least on a 2D image as the pictures shown.
Great tree, I really like it.