Thursday, October 25, 2012

European beech #4

European beech, Fagus sylvatica


Thomas Urban said...

Hello Mr. Pall,

Once again beautiful tree. I moved from Washington State to the Czech Republic and I am enchanted by the European deciduous forests, because we don't have any on the Pacific coast. I really want to dig up a Beech any week now once the frosts let up. Any tips on beech yamadori and how to start? Thank you very much.


Walter Pall said...

Dig your beech later than you think. The buds should already be swollen and just about starting to elongate

Thomas U said...

Hello again Walter,

It is now a month since I dug up my beech and after chopping the trunk and going down to the first, reliable bud, it has opened into three leaves and the new stem has grown out to 3 new sets of bud/soon to be branches. There was another dormant bud which is now growing and has opened. I have read your articles on beech cultivation and how to move them forward, but since this is brand new material that is experiencing it's first year in modern substrate and pot life, would you recommend letting it grow freely this whole summer just so it can gain some health and strength back? Or would you cut it back hard at the beginning of July? Any tips on new collected beech would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Thomas U

Walter Pall said...

Thomas, let it grow freely. When the branches grow, the roots will grow too. Cut your branches in October and edit the crown in winter.

Thomas U said...

What a quick response! Thank you very much, this is what I thought should be done for the health and vigor of the tree's future. Thank you, can I proceed with the "beech" techniques next spring?
Thank you and I hope the warmer weather is making the healing process of your recent surgery more pleasant.

Thomas U

Gaspar Sandor said...

Hello Mr. Pall
I dug up a European beech in March this year. It's kind of a monster: trunk height ~80cm..trunk thickness at base ~25-30cm. I planted into the ground to a shaded/semi shaded area (the Sun reach him from 4-5 PM. Now he had developed leaves and I see new buds on the trunk as well. My question is: should I feed him heavily or moderate? Also what about the watering? I water him approx 20l every 3-4 depending how dry is the surface of the ground, is this O.K for the tree? This is my first Yamadori and i don't want to loose him.
I've added the links with the pictures taken at the time of planting and a recent one with leaves.

Thank you very much!

Walter Pall said...

Sandor, Mist the crown with pure water every day. Water thoroughly every two days now. When it gets very warm water every day. Place in half shade. Use liquid fertilizer double (!) strength immediately and then every ten days. Don't cut anything until next spring.
good luck