Monday, April 9, 2012

Sabina Juniper #1 finished

Finally Luan felt he could not improve this juniper anymore. Then came the final shooting. I am very happy with the result. It proved that Luan can be let loose on the best material and produce great work. he admitted that he had never before worked on a piece of material of that quality. Afterwards we spoke about the fact that the tree cannot be exhibited with these two guy wires. But it wold not be stable without them. Something has to happen . Two possible new pots were discussed. Luan found the beige oval one. I like it the best. We'll see.


lacike said...

Wow! Looks pretty good, thought a little bit like a desk lamp (no offense, it's just and idea that crossed my mind). Maybe it's caused by the empty space between the crown and the trunk curve

Anonymous said...

I think that "green" is too compacted, looks strange for me.

Anonymous said... much work and all you acclomplished was making a bonsai out of a tree and NOT the other way around.