Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Field maple #4

File maple, Acer campestre, collected in 1995. I have fully wired the tree again. This is the second time in it's career. Last image as of 2006.


Sebastijan Sandev said...

Fantastic. What a fantastic apearence, what a creative design!

Dariusz Kolański said...

When i was reading Goethe's Der Erlkönig - i imagined landscape with trees like this one. It looks also like element set of horror movie or cartoon story about little child lost in the forrest full of fear and beasts. Branches wants to catch me. Hollow trunk wants to eat me.
Yeah! Watch the field maple - dangerous tree!

This entry is about field maple, but associations led me to the question about adler. I didn't see any adler in your collection. You have some beautiful birches and no adler. I know - adler loosing branches, but birch loosing branches too, and on this blog you gave advices how to minimalize this problem.
Is it root-nodules problem?
Best Regards,

Walter Pall said...


thank you for your comment.
I do have an alder, but it is minor. Alders are very difficult and not really usable for bonsai I think.