Sunday, December 18, 2011

winter finally


joyce matula welch said...

The bottom photo is great. The tiny forest, beautiful.

Marija said...

where we live winter temperatures are always above 0 C. But sometimes we have short periods when night temperatures are to -5, and rarely -10, without snow.
By the and of his week weather forecast is talking about weather much colder then usual, day temperatures above 0, but night temperatures around -10.
New trees and recently repotted trees are in cold greenhouse, and the rest of collection is outside, below the benches on the ground. Should we take them (olives, carpinus, pistacia ...) inside greenhous, and do we have to heat the greenhouse douring the night untill this cold period ends?
What is your recomendation?

Walter Pall said...


-10° C is serious for most of your trees. All olives, pistacia, strawberry trees and other mediterranean I wold certainyl put into the greenhouse. I would heat it with a regular big heater. This will cost money, but it is well woth it. The Carpinus orintalis are not so big a problem. i wold put them all on the ground. If you don't have enough space in the greenhose I would put them close to the house.
Good luck