Monday, December 19, 2011

spruce #55

Looks surprisingly real.


crataegus said...

that is phenomenal... and offcourse, a good camera can show the naturalistic much more effectively. Great

Anonymous said...

This group speaks to me. Fantastic! How long has this group of trees been in training? Were all these trees collected in the same area? What variety of spruce is this?

Thanks Walter... keep the great pics coming.


Walter Pall said...


this group was planted in this pot three years agol. But the trees were prepared over a long period, some more than ten years. One needs about twice as many very good trees than finally used to put togther a really good forest. I had more than 100 collected trees to start with. They were collected all over the Alps.
Mediocre material will make mediocre bonsai. It is a myth that one can put anything into a forest.

Anonymous said...

It sure does...I would love to take a hike in there.......with my shovel :)


Stephen Krall said...


This a gorgeous forest. I really like spruce as material, but the summers are too hot for them where I live. I would love to be sitting at the base of the big tree.