Thursday, December 15, 2011

Japanese beech #2

Japanese beech, Fagus creanta.
Some may wonder why I make the tree so much uglier after it looked quite good already.
Well, most amateurs would never do this, I understand. They want their trees to look their best all the time. So their trees don't really improve a lot. I believe that I can still improve this beech and accept that it will look ugly with these guy wires for one to two years. If I have done the right thing now the tree will be clearly better then. Even award winning show ready trees can be improved and should be. The better is the enemy of the good.
Last image, the tree as of 2007 in spring.


Matt Williams said...

Dear Walter,

When applying your guide wires, do you work bottom up (which is my tendancy)or top down?


Walter Pall said...


always bottom up.

Marc said...

You're right Walter. Why stop if you can improve? After all, a bonsai is a work for life. No slacking here!