Monday, April 28, 2008

red Japanese maple

two different versions of light.


Anonymous said...

imo, the darker background highlights the foliage of the tree, rather than the lighter background.

Spotted Dog said...

Just to offer some disenting opinion, I like the lighter background. The dark one almost looks "Photoshoped" and is a little too stark IMHO.

Was this due to shutter speed, or just the sun moving around?


Anonymous said...

Did you do the shari on the trunk willingly or is the consequence of verticillium wilt ?

Walter Pall said...

I got the tree with the shari. I don't konw how it happend, but I am glad it did. It makes this maple unique. It does to hurt the tree. Many are concerned about such a huge wound on a deciduous tree. Fact is that it does not matter even over many decades. Even if the core of the tree rots away eventually it will NOT die because of that. This is a frequent misconception about hollow trees.