Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Collection in America #4

I have tried very hard to find ways to import trees from America into Germany. It is simply impossible now. So these are some of the trees which are available. These are the maples (Acer palmatum 'Kihime') which are at Nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Shaukat Islam said...


I have gone through with interest your US Collection 1,2,3 and 4 and was awestruck by the material that you have there. Some of the trees are superb and extra-ordinary!

What I like about your work is the ease with which you give the trees its basic shape/styling.... and there is a lot to be learned from these, really. I can visualize your magic with which you will train some of the fantastic trees into bonsai masterpieces.

BTW, were these trees collected by you on an expedition or bought? And who will upkeep/train them once you return home?

Warm regards,

Walter Pall said...


these trees come from friends who have collected them for me.
Well, maintenance is the reason I have decided to get rid of these wonderful trees. Since I am only there one to three times a year they will not get much better over the years.