Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The most impressive new mugo - part 6

Then It was decided that the tree sould become even more compact. Strong wire was attached to the top and the bottom of the tree and then was twisted. Thus the crown went much further to the right and became even shorter. This may even be exaggerated at the moment. But when the wire goes off in about five years the trunk will jump back a bit into the old poeition anyway.

Now one can see that the tree looks interesting and good from many sides. The crown is a bit too small and eventually shold go even more the the right.


Anonymous said...


This is serious world class material! Of course we expect nothing less from you. Would you consider removing the two roots that start higher up on the trunk later on?


Walter Pall said...

Oh sure Jeremy, I would not just consider, I am determined to cut them off next year at this time if the tree looks healthy. These were just kept for insurance.