Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Euonymus europea, European euonymus, from collected material, pot by Petra Tomlinson, 40 cm high


Anonymous said...

I think that you said somewhere that euonymus don't make great bonsai. What problem do they have ?

Walter Pall said...

Well, they will always be in the backstage in a big collectionl This does not make them bad at all, they are just not winners. But who wants a garden of winner trees only? I think every large collection should ahve at least one euonymus. They are great fun.

I said thay don't make GREAT bonsai. But they sure make NICE bonsai.


200xth said...

In case you want to see any updates on the tree(s) above since this blog entry, here are the links to each tree(s):

1) Euonymous #2