Wednesday, September 26, 2007

fall pictures - part 1

1) field maple, Acer campestre, 90 cm, pot Derek Aspinall

2) trident maple, Acer burgerianum, 55 cm, pot Peter Krebs

These pictures were taken with Randy Knight as witness who learned about some tricks how to create this quality.
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Aleksa (Montenegrian boy) said...

How do you get so wonderful colours? Do you keep them in full sun? My maples never shine like those!

Walter Pall said...


I do nothing. The colors come by themselves. They come different every year. I take them as they come.


Rene said...

Hi Walter,

The fall colors on your maples are stunning... A quick question, do you use anything special to prevent mildew ? I have two field maples that always have mildew which prevents them to get colors like yours...

regards, René

Walter Pall said...


I rarely have any mildew on them. I do nothing against it other than keeping the trees happy.


200xth said...

In case you want to see any updates on the tree(s) above since this blog entry, here are the links to each tree(s):

1) Field Maple #3
2) Trident Maple #3