Monday, February 26, 2007

the really big hornbeam saga, part 9

Now we are playing a bit with the deadwood. What used to be good is not good enough anymore. The deadwood must not show the hand of man. It must look like nature did it all. So there is still some work to do right now. It is not good enough to do nothing and just wait for ten years. While it wold look betterin ten years while doing nothing now it will look MUCH better in ten years if we still continue to work. And it will look better throughout all these ten years.
At my age it does not help me much to know that time will heal the faults. It has to be in MY life time!

David carving some holes.


Anonymous said...

hey walter ,
its unbelivable what you can do with a tree! despite what people say in forums or other places (don't forget you're a celebrity!), keep us posted with your exelent job! my only concern is what if the fungus comes back? i wish no...
thanks, criss
ps: no need to put out my coment if you wish so...

Walter Pall said...

Well, if the fungus comes back I will carve some more :-) We'll see. Such is bonsai. Like real life.


Roger Snipes said...

Hi Walter,

Great tree. I think you have done a good job saving the tree after the fungus attack. This composition will only get better as it matures.

It doesn't really matter that everyone doesn't like it, after all, art is a matter of taste, and everyone does not always like every piece of art. I have never understood, though, why some hate the artist just because they do not like a particular work. In any case, you are right to take the high road; celebrity or not, it is better to let rude comments pass and address the honest discussion instead.