Sunday, January 14, 2007

Homepage updated and many new pictures in gallery

My homepage is pretty much up to date now. In the past few days I
have changed a lot of the gallery items and added abut 50 new pictures.

See  my website

This is one of the dramatic results of climate change! Since we do not
have enough snow to have decent skiing in the Alps this year I have to
resort to fixing my webpage.


Uno_que_pasaba_por_aquí said...

Increíblemente bellos. Tu trabajo es excelente.

Aprovecho ésta oportunidad no solo para felicitarte por el blog, si no que también para darte las gracias por mostrarnos tus trabajos. Te tengo una gran admiración y respeto.

Saludos y gracias. Hasta pronto.

Walter Pall said...
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Walter Pall said...

Thank you very much for the flowers.
There were more than 2000 people who visited my blog within the first two weeks. This is most incredible. To me, at least. This compares to exactly the same content as here that I have published in some forums and there often less than 100 people looked at it within many weeks.