Wednesday, January 3, 2007

elms in winter silhouette

 1 and 2) huge hackberry, Celtis australis, 65 cm
3) and 4) European field elm, Ulmus campestre, 55 cm
5) small Asian elm, Ulmus foraminifery? 10 cm
6) ditto, 13 cm
7 and 8) Chinese elm, Ulmus parviflora, 18 cm
9) Chinese elm, Ulmus parviflora, 55cm

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Anita Sabharwal said...

Dear Walter, watched all the photos of year 2007. All of them are amazing. You know what is the best thing about your bonsai-making? You love your art and you love your trees too! You don't torture them.That's why your trees look very healthy and well-maintained. At least I think so. In India we say,'older the tree, wiser it is.