Friday, August 30, 2019

The Scandinavian Bonsai Retreat 2019 - #2

The Scandinavian Bonsai Retreats are organized by Thor Holvila from Sweden. These retreats are full weekends and everything is around bonsai. The locations are somewhere in Sweden. There are 20 or more participants from many countries. - retreat language is English. These events started with harry Harrington as teacher and by now have a tradition and are very popular. Harry did a great job.

In order to get onto the list of participants you have to be quick after the announcement. In spring of this year Harry led a weekend in the south of Sweden. Last weekend there was a second event in Älvdalen in the center of Sweden, where the true wilderness begins. Moose are common, we hear of bears and other beasts. It is like one imagines Alaska including living in fishermen's block houses for the weekend.

I was honored to be asked to lead this one and brought Jennifer Price from Chicago and Thomas Haering from Munich with me. Everybody had a great time. See some glimpses of the event.