Monday, August 5, 2019

European Spruce # 87 - repotting in late-summer.

Spruce # 87

It's called 'late summer repotting' Never ever fall! Summer is until mid-September. But that's already LATE. I have repotted a huge spruce yesterday with Thomas. Now starts the repotting time until first week of September. You have to watch two things. General health of tree. Do not repot a weak tree. Well, And second the long term weather forecast. If  heat wave is approaching don't  do it. The best forecast is two weeks of rain but rather warm weather. Why so early? Because the tree has more time to establish itself for winter. Ever day counts.

Warning: all this refers to the climate in the south of Germany. Munich, Germany is about 800 miles north of Toronto latitude wise!!! But due to the Gulf stream we have a climate like e.g. mid- to northern Pennsylvania. 

Mind you: we have not cut off a single living root nor have we cut off a single little branch. This is very important. it helps the tree to grow immediately and establish a healthy root system in the new pot. This was August 5 and the weather forecast is mild with some moisture within the next two weeks.