Monday, October 2, 2017

Trident Maple #10


alan thompson said...

Hey Walter, great tree. I had a couple questions. It looks like you applied the guy wires, then pruned to shape, and then defoliated. is that right? Also I was curious if there are any benefits to setting the branches this time of year, or if you had done that just because you have so many trees to get to. I was also wondering if you might be able to show us the underside of one of your trees with the guide wires in place some day, couldn't remember how you created the anchor for all your wires below the pot. Thank you for sharing all your great work!

Walter Pall said...

Alan, the guy wires were applied in May of last year immediately after i got the tree and planted it into the new container. They were left on until a week ago when i removed them and took the photographs. The pictures without foliage are of April htis year. The new pictures without foliage and without any wire will be shown in three wieeks. Guy wires are attached easiyl by stikcing a piece of strong wire with a hook into the bottom holes. Or you take a fat wire, bind it around the pot and attach the guy wires onto it. They are ugly but very convenient and certainly do the job.