Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Carving American Hornbeam

At Hidden Gardens, south of Chicago I carved this huge stump of collected American hornbeam, Carpinus carolineana. The nebari is extremely good. The stump would bother most folks. This has a future as Fairy Tale Bonsai. I really thnink it has a great future.  The virtual in the end shows what sort of crown I envision. There are plenty more of similar trees available at Hidden Gardens.


Peter Krause said...

After carving and bourning, what would you treet the "wound" with in order to help the tree with heeling and to avoid infections?

Walter Pall said...
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Walter Pall said...

The wound should NOT be treated. We want the deadwood to decay and look more natural. this carving is only to speed up the natural process. In a few years there will be a big interesting hole. Trees don't die from 'infections' in deadwood.