Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Scots Pine #3

Jennifer and I had fun planting this on the stone slab.


Jeroen Mentens said...

Hello Walter,
How do you keep the soil on the slab?
I know keto is used a lot to make a kind of wall around the slab but I don't see it on your photos. And I sort of expect you to use something more modern and local anyway.

Walter Pall said...

Jeroen, trees which have been in cultivation for a very long time have a very compact root ball. It is usually not required to use keto.

Unknown said...

Can i cultivate them in soil? and i do mean soil i had trouble with the modern substrates available for me and huge leaves from the liquid fertilizer so im thinking soil and agregate to make it loose can u advice me here please

Walter Pall said...

This kind of trees grows in almsost EVERY kind of substrate or solil. The problem is maintnenace. In SOIL myou will kill them sooner or later. Maybe you ahve not understood yet what modern substrate really does.