Friday, May 26, 2017

European Spruce # 79

In August all fine branches will get wired and the brtanches all set. In September of 2018 the spruce will go into the final container, which is much larger than the present one.


RafaƂ Pater said...

Hi Walter,
That's great that you showed the process of making 'old' deadwood instantly :)
What is the blue substance that covered the wood after burning and polishing? Is that some kind of wood hardener? Are you preseving that immediately or wait couple of seasons?


Walter Pall said...

The blue substance is lime sulphur which is kind o blue in the beginning and later turnes greyish-white. I do not really preserve in the beginning as I want nature to do it's job and let the wood decay a bit. Only after it looks natrually decayed i start preserving it. The ime sulphur right after burning is just to tanke the black color away.