Monday, March 13, 2017

European Hornbeam #13


Anonymous said...

Walter, a very good looking hornbeam. Great tree! I love it. Is now the time to repot hornbeam and beech? Are there differences between hornbeam and beech?

greets, Thomas

Walter Pall said...

Thomas, in my climatre it s not at all the time to repot any tree. I insist that msot people repot way too early. It is better to wait until you think it is almost too late. I will seriolusly repot trees which were kept outdoor over winter and will stay there by the end of April. Trees which were kept in a greenhous or similar and can stay there can be repotted from end of March onwards.
Hornbeam and beech anre NOT closely related. Beeches are not hardy in a pot. Hornbeams suffer from late frosts.