Thursday, December 15, 2016

Japanese Maple #14


alan thompson said...

Hi Walter! I love this maple, it has some great character and charm. this may be a bit of a silly questions, but how do you think this clump style was created originally? was it multiple maple saplings or some sort of trunk chop later in life? just curious because I really love the raft/clump style trees like this.

Walter Pall said...

Alan, this was a seedling the grew one singel trunk line they all do. This trunk was cut flat at soil level after a few years. A lot of shoots appeared . Some were selected, the other ones discarded. Then the shoots were let grow so that some became stronger and some weaker. Then these shoots wer wired and formed. And then one day I got it in an already medium state.

alan thompson said...

Thank You Walter! Inspiring work as always