Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Scots Pine #8


Anita Sabharwal said...

Hello sir, Beautiful collection.But i am sure that i can never have pine bonsai.I have tried so many times.I am amazed sir that i live in the foothills of Himalyas and the climate in my city is not much warm and i really look them after very carefully.Moreover i always collect pine trees from mountains.Any tips? thanks and regards from India. Anita Sabharwal.

Walter Pall said...

I am certain that you can grow pine trees in your area. Just consult a local gardenr. Withoput very good gardenign skills you absolutely should NOT collect trees in the mountains. You would kill them.

Anita Sabharwal said...

Thank you very much sir. i will always keep this advice in mind. regards.

RafaƂ Pater said...

Hi Walter,
Transformatiom of that tree is amazing. Especially, seeing that 'plastic' stick in a pot it was. How long did it take between pictures 2 and 3?
Was it cut over the third branch or just bent drastically? Could you say somethimg about the technique?

Best regards,