Sunday, July 19, 2015

European spruce #83


Anonymous said...

Would you post a mock-up of what you plan for this tree in the future, please?

Walter Pall said...

There is no need for a mnock-up. It's all done. The tree as is is the future. It will only get more mature.

Daniel Dolan said...

Mr. Pall:

Outstanding transformation of this wild tree. The photographs of its original landscape were quite something as well.

I am, personally, going to write to the Post Master General of Japan and request that this tree be placed on a First Class Stamp..........and then be mailed to every Bonsai Garden + Nursery in the country.

Sorry, I always ask this, do the most recent photos in this posting indicate that you recently worked on this tree, pruning, wiring, etc?

Thank you.


Walter Pall said...

Sure, that's what the pictures show. A total refurbishment.