Monday, July 27, 2015

Minoru Bonsai 2015 #2

Over the weekend we had the International Bonsai Academy at Minoru Bonsai near Heidelberg, Germany. Around 30 students were taken care of by me with my four assistants Thomas, Rene, Kolja and Philipp.People were analyzing and working on a few dozen mostly collected trees that I had brought or that were in the bonsai center. This proved to be a big success at the first event. On Saturday evening we had the summer festival with a huge big band right on the premises. Everyone was so exited about this all that it was decided that this will become a tradition. The second traditional Summer Academy at Minoru Bonsai will happen in the last weekend of July 2016 together with the summer festival on Saturday. 'Bonsai crazy' the travelling Japanese was in my seminar and started to work on a juniper after a while. Good job!

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