Sunday, May 31, 2015

European spruce #9


Roger Kulp said...

Back again,and I have a question.Did you remove any of the top of the tree,and have it grow a new apex?I recently bought a spruce,an Alberta,I am hoping will do just this.This tree did not come from such an idyllic place as yours.This tree was bought greatly marked down at a local Wal-Mart,where it was about to be chucked in the garbage.I bought the tree because it had a trunk at least 12 cm across above the soil line,and did not appear to be grafted.There is more trunk below the soil I cannot get to now.The tree is quite root bound.When I got the tree home,I noticed there was a split in the trunk,and the tree broke in two with little effort.I now have this bottom half of a tree 66 cm high and 66 cm across with a sloped crater in the middle.The tree was in a cramped 3.5 gallon container.I have replanted it in a 15 gallon plastic trash can for root growth.I am hoping eventually for an apex similar to the one in photo number three here.Will such an apex grow back?

Walter Pall said...

Sure you can grow a new apex. It might take a couple of decades to really look good though.