Friday, May 29, 2015

Chinese elm #1


Roger Kulp said...

What are the dimensions of this tree? Height? Trunk size? How long has it been in training?This tree is sort of similar in style to what I have been trying to obtain the last few years with a New Mexico Olive,except I have had problems with lower branch ramification.

You may hear this a lot,but your bonsai stylings have been a great inspiration to me.As you say,to create bonsai that look like trees,not like bonsai.When I have submitted photos of my trees to various online discussion groups for criticism and suggestion,I have been told they are garbage.To get rid of the tree,or chop them to the ground and start over again.As you can imagine,these are people who are stuck in the traditional Japanese schools of bonsai.

Walter Pall said...


go to my gallery and you find everything about that tree and hundreds of others. Just google 'Pall bonsai gallery'