Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter has settled in my garden

New York did not get it, but I did. And it's fine. We are used to this.


Kevin Stoeveken said...

when i look at these pictures, i have 2 hopes for you walter...

first, i hope you are still skiing !

second, i hope this is not a detriment to some of the ones that are already budding out ! (in your earlier posts)

beer city snake
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Septimiu Moldovan said...

Dear Mr.Pall,

I have seen that you have some bonsai outside,in the snow.
Can they be let outside in cold winter,without any problem?
I have some pines ,juniperus and some decidious bonsai.
I live in zone 5(in winter,temperatures up to -24 ).
It is not a problem to let them outside,or I should put them into a greenhouse? Should this greenhouse be heated or not?
Please,give me your professional opinion about this.


Walter Pall said...


you have a problem in zone 5 with minus 25. Your trees need protection.