Wednesday, April 16, 2014

European spruce #41

European spruce, Picea abies, collected in Austria in 1994, pot Korea. Horst worked a full day to edit the spruce in detail. Now it's shining again and looks quite mature.


Anonymous said...

pic #6: he's using a bar clamp to pull down a large branch? I love mechanical bonsai!
Looks great now!
(sorry I missed you at Nature's Way, hope to see you next time)

Walter Pall said...

sure, this is a professional way to move thick branches without breaking them.
Hope to see you in December.

Thomas Urban said...

Hi Walter,

They did a nice job. Was the wire on for a long time? Can you work on Spruce in the Spring or as you mentioned in previous posts that the best time is July- mid September? Any other specifics on Spruce except infinite patience?
Good day,


Walter Pall said...

The wire stayed on for four years. Spruce can be worked on from March to October. For me the best time is July/August.