Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Olive #4

Wild olive, Olea europea sylvestris, collected in Croatia in 2009, first image in a workshop near Split, Croatia in spring of 2010, pot by John Pitt, excellent pot, just a bit too deep. We will see whether a better pot turns up one day. The crown is still in development, of course. It needs to get higher in the middle. The last two images are virtuals showing what I want to achieve. It should not take longer than two years although olives grow very slowly in my cold climate. Overwintering in the house , of course. I try to absolutely avoid the normal 'bonsai look' on this olive. Rather I want it to look like a tree.  Big surprise! and olives are broadleaved trees and never look like conifers. Therefore the now so common deadwood is absolutely unnecessary on this specimen.



Anonymous said...

Do you overwinter it in your own house? Living room?
or do you mean a heated green house?

Walter Pall said...

I have a large room in my basement which is used for bonsai pot storage. There it is cold, but never freezing. this is fine for olives and even ficus.

avicenna said...

Great stuff, Walter. Great respekt for your styling. Shurely its on a way to natural style of olives. If you like take a look at this link about thousand years old olives in arion, Spain


tomiduplex said...

Hi Walter,

I am curious, Olives seem to be very hardy and tough to kill. Do you think it would be possible for a tree to be dug out even in late August on the Mediterranean coast and have it survive?

Thank you,

Thomas Urban

Walter Pall said...

probably, yes