Monday, August 5, 2013

Olive #2

This one lost a lot of foliage in winter storage.


Guido Trombetta said...

The pot seems to have a wonderful, very mediterranean texture... Is this by John Pitt?

Walter Pall said...

Guido, no this is by an American artist who did this once an never will do it again. T+he says 'there is no money in bonsai'. How true!

Guido Trombetta said...

Eh eh for me it's absolutely true!!!
By the way, No money but A LOT of happiness.
As you said in a very nice post some months ago.. "It IS possible to live without bonsai.. But it just doesn't makes sense at all!" ( or something similar )
If you think about it for a while.. Well... happines is almost always where money is not!