Monday, August 5, 2013

Olive #1

Wild olive, Olea europea sylvatica, collected in Spain. This tree is in the sculputral style, not resembling a real tree. Care is taken to NOT look like a juniper that desperately wants to look like a bizzarre pine as most olives as bonsai do. Last image of 2003. Pot by John Pitt.


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Guido Trombetta said...

I love it.
Even if it does resemble a sculpture, I wouldn't say it's not natural looking.. It reminds me some very old Olea Oleaster that live in the sunny cliffs of the islands of Tuscany archipelago where i spend my summers.
The salty, hot and very dry environment causes that often some parts of the plants die like in your wonderful specimen... ( and sometimes it's just a problem of summer fires ).
In any case it's just wonderful.