Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Forsythia. This tree is for sale or trade.


Anonymous said...

One has to stretch the definition of bonsai in order for this one to fit into it. ;-)

emmanuel said...

the one who look from winthin his heart and not from withn his mind won't be concerned with it fitting into any definitions, as joy will be plentiful.

Ryan said...

"Anonymous" must not be very experienced in bonsai. It's definitely a tree in a pot! This tree is so powerful!

Anonymous said...

A tree in a pot. Check.

Then again, forsythia is not a tree. It's a shrub. And so is this tree-in-a-pot. It's a shrub sitting on a log sitting in a pot.

That being said, I'm not judgmental. The ultimate criterion is whether one likes it or not. It's just that what counts for a mainstream bonsai today, doesn't include this particular one. And I'm including naturalistic style into the definition of mainstream, mind you.

Miguel Prates Costa said...

If you didn't know anything about "this plant" what would you say?
Probably, you would say "That tree is impressive! What happen to be like that?!"
I know, from experience, that if you let a shrub -the majority of shrubs- grow enough, the line between a shrub and a tree disappears.
Size, I think you know this, varies where the tree or shrub grows and how much sun, water, "food', etc. it gets.
Look at some pines that grow on top of mountains and the shrubs that grow 100+ feet below.

Best regards,
Miguel Costa

Stephanie Vo said...

How much is this going for?

Walter Pall said...

500 Euro.