Sunday, March 10, 2013

Woodstock VI - last call

Woodstock WILL happen from March 22 to 24, 2013. Make sure you are on the mailing list:
I cannot come personally because of major heart surgery. But Woodstock will happen again this year. It has to. It is tradition. The trees have arrived. About 400 NEW trees are in Harrisburg now in addition to more than 200 old ones. This is arguably the largest selection in the country! Come and see and take advantage of the opening sale price reduction.

Some seats are still available.

These seminars are for all levels, from beginner to very advanced and
master. Everybody works on his/her level. Outright beginners should
concentrate to watch. But there is always something that they can do.

Bring all your stuff where you have questions with you.

In spring we will concentrate on repotting. The huge juniper will be wired fully over the weekend.

In March of 2013 around 300 new trees will arrive. This will be the usual
contingent of ponderosa pines and Rocky Mountain junipers, lots of very
good and affordable Egelmann spruce, Many very good and affordable
alpine firs, lots of very good limber pines and other stuff. A couple of
 real killer trees will also arrive.

Anyway, this is a chance you should not miss.

In spring there will be more than 500 top quality mostly collected trees at Nature's Way Nursery.

So far we said that this is the most comprehensive offer east of the
Mississippi. Ryan Neil said that this is most comprehensive offer of top
 quality material in the country. How could we disagree.

Here the announcement of Nature's Way Nursery:

//WOODSTOCK VI with Walter Pall & Jim Doyle

This years
 Woodstock provides an opportunity to work on over 250 newly arrived
yamadori (collected trees). Walter & Jim will be styling an ancient
Rocky Mountain juniper, along with Ponderosa, Lodgepole, Limber pine,
Alpine fir, Engleman spruce, Japanese maples and more! You may bring one
 personal tree/day for continuing design as well.

Fri, March 22 @ 9:30am to 4pm

Sat, March 23 9:30am to 4pm

Sun, March 24 @ 10am to 4pm

Special for participants: $50 off any single WP purchase over $300 (then discount) 

Fee:  $100/day, $275/3 days  //  Observer:  $40/day

​Hours: Mon-Sat // 9a-5p

Any questions?​



Anonymous said...

I bought one of your recently collected trees yesterday; Ponderosa #1039. I will bring it to Woodstock VIII in two years for styling.

Get Well Soon! We sure will miss you at the SBC meeting next monday.


Anonymous said...

Where do all these trees come from?

Walter Pall said...

They come from out West.