Sunday, March 31, 2013

Health update

Thank you very much for the good wishes. Several hundred folks have contacted my over various media.

Since yesterday I am now in this wonderful rehab center at a lake in Bavaria. Hurrah for German social security!

After three weeks I will be releases home. Then I should be able to start working slowly again. I will keep my national and international assignments for this year. Don't worry, the bonsai world will have to continue living with me.


Guido Trombetta said...

That's good news!
Happy Easter to you and your family and have a fast, but relaxed and total rehabilitation Walter.
The bonsai world without you would be a much poorer place... Believe me.
I've never known you personally, though with your work and ths blog you've been the best possible teacher.
All my beloved trees owe you so much....
Take care and be back soon!
Guido Trombetta

Guido Trombetta said...

Ah and one more thing...
Until now, It has been the worst spring of the last 50 years for the weather...
So, while you recover, you're not losing anything special...
It seems that also Mother Nature is waiting your coming back!
Spring is not the same without your Bonsai Adventures!


Anonymous said...

nice to hear such good news !!
enjoy your recovery time !
all the best

Stephen Krall said...

So glad to hear that everything is working out, and you are recuperating in a beautiful place. I hope very much to see you in the fall at Nature's way.


Miguel Prates Costa said...

Hello Mr. Walter Pall,
those are very good news! I wish that everything continues to go so well.

Best regards,
Miguel Costa

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on the road to recovery

I know my bonsai world is definitely lacking something without your usual inspiration!

Thanks for all the hard work keeping us up to date, and thinking outside the box for all these years.


Barry John

Anonymous said...

...the bonsai world will have to continue living with me.

What a threat :)

Best wishes and a fully sucessful rehab.

Marco Merschel

Thomas Longfellow said...


I am just hearing about your health issue and am delighted to know you are recovering well. I feel bad to have missed the worry for you and look forward to knowing you will soon be back in your garden.

Warmest regards,
Tom Longfellow

tugcekanbur said...

Dear Walter,

We are from a bookstore and a publishing agency in Turkey, called Nail Bookstore. We have been reading your fascinated sharings just for a short while, and it is really both happy and a sad news that you are taking a remedy, but you are away from the bonsai World just for a while. But it is really good to hear that your are recovering well. your Works of art are fascinating and in Turkey some proffessionals that we get in contact advised you. BEcause we are interested in publishing a good source abour Bonsai.

We tried to get in contact with you by e-mail, but I guess it is not functinoning now. If you are insterested in, we would like to hear from you soon, when you get better. Before anything else, I would be happy to see you come back as a personal fun of yours.

Bartłomiej Olejnik said...

I hope, You will back to health as fast as it is possible Mr. Pall. And I think all bonsai communities are waiting for You.

We have met at East Meets West/West Meets East in Poland last year. Didn't have chance to talk but it was a big day for me to meet You there and make photo together. I don't mind if You not remember.

Best regards from Poland.