Sunday, October 23, 2011

winter can come

Today we put everything on the ground or into the greenhouse. Thank you Boris and Walter for helping me.
Winter can come now.


Jerry said...

Where do you keep your shohin trees, Walter?

Walter Pall said...


they are all in the greenhouse.

Jerry Norbury said...

Any heating in the greenhouse?

The greenhouse appears to be in the sun - are you ever worried about the temperature rising too high and waking the trees?

Walter Pall said...

I do this since more tahn 20 years with the same greenhsoue. Yes it is in the sun. It is very well ventilated. The doors are open 90 % of all days in winter. The tempertures go down to abut minus 5 °C before I start to heat it with a very ordinary cheap heater.
Yes, the trees wake up about three to four weeks earlier than outside. It is not really a problem.
Many trees are babied too much in winter.

Manos Mat said...

Hello, why do you put all them in the ground?


Walter Pall said...


to protect them from cold. If one does not know it is hard to believe that just this putting down to the ground makes ALL the difference in a cold winter. Believe me, it does. I know, I have lost a few hundred trees in winter during the past thirty years. Most were on posts.