Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First winter images

Field maple, Acer campestre
Dancing birch, Betula pendula
European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus
linden, Tilia platiphyllos
Field elm, Ulmus campestre


Anonymous said...

I just adore the last picture of the field elm. It's such a relief to see a subtle younger looking tree, instead of old looking trees with fat trunks. Very nice balance between the tender trunk and crown.


joyce matula welch said...

Beautiful. I especially like the grouping of trees.

Anonymous said...

Have the leaves already fallen off these trees, or have you removed the leaves. What is the average night-time low temperature where you are?

I see the Japanese Maple below has changed color already.


Walter Pall said...

All these trees have proamturely lost most of their leaves. The reason was mostly a very hot period wand they got some draught. This will not really harm a healthy tree. They will be fine. I have removed the few leaves which were left.
The maple has fall coolr because it was repoted recnetly. Night tmeperatures are not even close to freezing yet. They will be very soon. Fall colors here will appear within the next ten days.