Monday, October 18, 2010

see 'Top-30-of Europe'

See this:


Anonymous said...

I suppose it comes down to taste, but to me, most of them look cliche and boring. If it were the top 30 craftsmen I would be impressed, but from an arts standpoint it's just more of the same stereotypical pyramids with leaves. There's no question that all of these people have mastered their craft, but most of them lack imagination. Except for the naturalistic ones, where it's an eternal race to imitate the perfection of nature itself, the rest are a canned formula of interesting bark, movement/taper in the trunk, throw a pyramid on top, and ramify the branches as much as you can to demonstrate your patience and horticultural expertise. Rinse and repeat across your entire collection, tag yourself as an artist, and start hitting the road giving demonstrations. It's not how they see the world, it's how they were told it should be done. I would love to see the work of someone who never was exposed to the Japanese rules in their life, yet has mastered their craft to the point of flawless self-expression any day over the majority of "artists"/craftsmen.

Anonymous said...

I took another approach,if these are the cream of the crop then i feel satisfied.