Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This was it, it seems

This was it for a while, it seems. Now I have to repair the roof of the greenhouse. At them moment it is way too cold: minus 13°C.


Bandi said...

Hello Walter,

I have to say your garden is like a mushroom colony. I live in Romania so the big snow is just about to get here, although it's been snowing for 3-4 days now. I hope all your trees will be well.

I wanted to ask you if it's a good thing that i threw some snow on my trees that are outside(conifers). We have been having -7..-10 degrees over night so i guessed that the snow would act as a good insulation tool. Is this good or should i do something else? The trees are also stacked together on the ground and their soil is covered with a natural blanket kind of thing that i bought from a local garden center.

Best Regards,

Walter Pall said...


it is a good idea to shovel snow all over your trees. I do this all the time.


Wolfgang said...

Seems to be you have "enough" snow, Walter! ;o)
Enjoy the winter time & go skiing.

Bill Gurney said...

Your trees are absolutley beautiful! I am from Utah and lived in Northern Japan for 2 years and have a very small collection of bonsai myself. I LOVED looking at your trees . I spent 4 hours just looking at the photos, it was a real treat. I am a single father raising 3 kids alone and don't get much time to myself and you made my whole week.
Thank you, William Gurney

Shaukat Islam said...

OMG! Had known that snowfall in temperate climate is a common phenomenon but this was a bit too much to digest....

Had no idea at all that the bonsai would literally be under snow like this-----and survive.

Just one question: has there ever been a case if a bonsai had died due to heavy snow?


Walter Pall said...


bonsai which are hardy for temperatures down to minus 10 or 15 ° Celsius will never die becasue of snow. In the contrary, the snow protects them very well from the cold and dehydration. Some branches might brake though on some deciduous trees which are extemely brittle in winter. So they have to be protected. I place these trees under the sehlves ansd carefully shovel snow all over them. The really delicate trees are in the greenhouse anyway.


Tails said...

WOW!!! That is some hectic snow!