Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two shohin Scots pines

Both are collected Scots pines, Pinus sylvestris. Both are about 18 cm only, making them ideal shohin size.


Rune Kyrdalen said...

Hi Walter. Have you thought about reducing the size of the crown on the two pines. That would improve them a lot in my opinion.


Walter Pall said...

Sure, I have thought about it. I will reduce the size a little. Concerning 'improve them a lot': This is a matter of taste. In mainstream modern bonsai taste it would improve them. I am already beyond this, althugh many of my trees are still in exactly this taste. I am fed up with grotesque fat over-compact modern bonsai. I want more elagant more natural bonsai. Time will tell whether this will become mainstream in a few years. I think most modern bonsai don't look naturlal at all, they look like made of plastic. I think that in too many modern bonsai the most important thing is lacking: the soul. They are made to impress, they are agressive, many of them are kitsch.