Friday, September 12, 2008

collecting larch

Two small European larch, Larix decidua


Roman Mrenka said...

Hi Walter.
realy nice yamadori but I was suprised that your larix is stel green and other things is the best time for colecting larix is spring
isn´t it?

Walter Pall said...


yes spring is the better time for larches. But right now it is also possible. The probolem is that spring means JUNE where I found this larch. And that will then cause other problems. Like bringing the tree home from the mountains into the the summer months where I live. Larches are problematic anyway.


Andelko Hrzenjak said...

Hi Walter!

Nice material! What is your opinion, why are larches so problematic? I have quite a bad experience with them. Out of 8 yamadoris collected in autumn (after loosing the needles) and in spring (before opening buds) only ONE survived. This one was collected at the end of November in 2200 m altitude and there has been 40 cm snow at that time! In most cases collected larches started to grow in spring, opened the buds and then just stopped when the length of the needles reached approx. 4-6 mm. After a month or two they just died. This especially hurts because larches are my favourite threes. Thanks!


Walter Pall said...


yes this happens with European larches.It also happens that you have one for several yers as bonsai and one day in summer it collapses on you. We don't know why it is. it is proably a general fungus which they cannot fight when they are severely weakened.
Hybrid larches (L. decidua x L. kaempferi) are much tougher. In 99% of cases what you think is a "Europen larch" is a hybrid larch. Onyly the ones that are collected in the Alps at very high altitudes are L. decidua.