Monday, March 31, 2008

new pot for hornbeam

1) old pot
2) new pot, still not the final one, but closer


Anonymous said...

The trunk is somewhat slanted even in the new pot. Wouldn't it be better if you potted it upright, maybe by "sinking" the left side a bit deeper in the pot?


Walter Pall said...


I don't think so at all. The slightly slanting trunk is part of the design.


electropad said...

Walter, what do you use as your top covering, is a small dark brown pebbel?

I think the new pot suits the plan much better as it makes the trunk of the tree stand out in comparison.

Walter Pall said...

The trop covering is baked loam, sold here under the brand Maxit or Fibotherm. The size is 2 millimeters. It is quite cheap and effective.


electropad said...

Thanks for your reply walter, I am in Australia so i will have to look around for a similar thing here. It looks really natural and nice

Rui said...

I love your work and I wish you a lot of luck in the future so you can keep on showing us all that you do. best regards :)