Monday, March 31, 2008

Huge hornbeam forest

See the whole story here: hornbeam forest


Spotted Dog said...

Hi Walter,
May I ask why the original forest deteriorated? You stated that all of of them started to deteriorate.



Kestutis said...

This is one of the most impressive forests I have seen! Can imagine myself walking under those trees and perhaps meeting a dwarf or an elf.

Dave fish said...

I had a thought about this tree which in my mind resolves the 'visual problem' of the huge tree at the front being in the same composition as the smaller trees.
In my thinking it appears to be one of perspective; that the huge tree apprears closer and the the smaller ones further away, a difficult feat in such a small space (pot) but i think you have done it well here.
Was that what you had intended or is that just my interpretation?

Walter Pall said...


this is oen way to see it. I see it like this: here is the ultimate survivor who is many hudred years old. Beneath him are several generations of his family and he is protecting them.