Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quality of photographs

I do get many questions how excatly I get this photographic quality on more or less all shots.
Well, it took me twenty years to learn how to do bonsai professionaly and it took me twenty years to learn how to do professional photopraphs. Or sort of.

Carl Bergstroem has written an excellent article. This is basically what I do.


(thanks to those who have pointed out the new site to me)

Well, I can reveal one secret. Look at the screens. Make sure the tree is as far AWAY from the backdrop as possible.


Robert Lominski said...

Hi Walter, Really enjoying reading your blog.

I found the link for Carl's tutorial.

It's a very good read.

A couple of questions. The gray background you use, is it a professional backdrop?
Do you use reflectors, If so, what kind.


Andre said...

Hi Walter,

Thank you for your blog.

Here is the missing link :

and the translation in french :


Tom said...

Hi Walter.

Here is Carl's website about Bonsai Photography.

Hope this helps

Walter Pall said...

Thanks to those who have pointed out the new site.


the black or grey backdrop is the hardy kind of sheet that is used for terrasses. I had to order the black color specially and it was not cheap. But I can leave it out all year, rain, frost, snow don't hurt it.
I sometimes use artificial lights but usually not. I use a big board of styropor as reflector.