Saturday, April 14, 2018

European Spruce #86 intermediate result

After a day's work this is the result. The tree really should be wired thoroughly. This would take a few days. But it is a bit weak and the rootball was disturbed. So it is much better to wait two years and then wire everything again. In two days the tree will go onto a huge slab by Jan Culek. This will be spectacular and will be reported.


Sebastijan Sandev said...

What do you think about hollowing that white sabamiki part of the trunk to make it dark...
In some calls for hollowing and darkening (well it will be dark the moment when becomes hollow)...the shadow should add misterious touch.
What do you think...I'm curious

Walter Pall said...


spruce normally are not hollow. A hollow spruce might become unstable. But if one wants it could be done. At the moment i don't feel like it. Thank you for the sugestion

JP said...

"Like a kid with a New toy", it's Hard to wait.

Walter Pall said...


that's exactly the reason why I acquired the tree. I have hundreds of trees which are waiting until it is there turn. Some will be waiting ten years or more. At a certain age one needs to consider whether one is going to ever be able to work on something. Since decades I specialize in this sort of tree which have been in captivity since man years and are somewhat neglected. The minute I come home I start to work on them. That's why I got them.
The are some folks who collect great trees from nature in large numbers. Some of them sell the trees with potential and acquire trees which have been hanging around for many years. This for exactly the same reason. They want to work on something and not wait for ten years.
That's not bonsai? Well that's bonsai as many professionals do it. One should respect it.
BTW, I do both. - waiting and working immediately.

JP said...

Bonsaiing is a pleasure. Thank you for sharing!